Is the Spanish Language Difficult to Learn? Not if You’re Having Fun Doing it!

Things are easy when you are motivated and interested.

When learning the Spanish language, there are many easy-to-grasp things depending on your motivation to learn. There are also several things about Spanish that make learning it really fun.

The Spanish Language in Latin America

Being the most spoken language in Latin America, Spanish has many variations and dialects. Many of these dialects in turn have their own meanings for words and expressions which can mean many different things across all of the Latin American dialects. For example, the word guayabo in Colombia refers to a hungover, while in Mexico it is called cruda and in Ecuador is called chuchaqui .

Native Spanish speakers are very animated when they talk. They tend to make dramatic facial expressions and use overly spontaneous body language. So if at some point you are struggling to understand what they are talking about, it will be slightly easier to interpret the message if you study the expressions on their face. The majority of the people in South and Central America are very warm and friendly, you are likely to find many people who are willing to help you whenever necessary.

When traveling through Latin America it is also very important to keep in mind that different expressions are used in different regions. This is important to remember when interpreting messages that can have a double meaning. For example, in Colombia we have the expression: por si las moscas, which could be interpreted as just in case. This expression may variations in the Spanish of Mexico or Venezuela.

Spanish accents are very diverse and playing around with them can be fun, especially since some can be more easily imitated by foreigners. It is very interesting to learn about the different accents that can be found across one country or regions. Spanish is a really fun language, and can also be very easy to learn when you find the right methodology for you.

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At the Mr. Fox Spanish school, there are professionals willing to work from the interests of the student and make every class a fun learning opportunity. Our school adapts the curriculum according to the goals and interests of the students. Every class is personalized and is tailored to the level at which the student is learning.

When it comes to taking Spanish lessons, we believe learning from Colombian teachers is best since their pronunciation is more understandable because it is more neutral sounding. Also, their Spanish is considered the most refined in Latin America. So come learn with Mr. Fox, and learn not only the Spanish language, but Colombian culture and coffee culture as well.

About Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox Spanish School is a space created and developed by native Spanish language professors directly from the heart of the Colombian coffee region: the city of Pereira. All of our teachers are university graduates who are qualified and experienced in teaching the Spanish language and are ready to help you to achieve your language learning goals and learning objectives.

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