Learn Spanish in Medellín with Personalized Spanish Classes

Why is Mr. Fox Spanish School your ideal place to take Spanish classes in the city of Medellin or Pereira? Well, we don’t want to brag, but Mr. Fox has an approach to teaching Spanish-as-a-second-language that is suitable for everyone. If you want to learn Spanish in Medellín or Pereira, we are one of the few Spanish schools in Colombia certified by the National Ministry of Education, meaning our Spanish program has passed the rigorous quality standards set by the government in order to earn this official certification. This certification allows us to provide our students with a student visa with: Spanish Immersion course Colombia.


In addition, Mr. Fox Spanish School offers a personalized approach to teaching. If you are looking to learn the language on a quick timeline, our curriculum can be adapted to fit your needs. If you would rather take it a bit slower and prefer to stay on the same topic until you feel you have it completely mastered, our teachers have the patience and flexibility to adapt to your level and pace. We believe that, in order to effectively learn Spanish in Medellín or Pereira, you need to identify your learning style – we call this methodology “The Mr. Fox Way.”

Our professors are all Colombian-born, university-educated professionals, who each demonstrate Colombian and Latino culture in their own individual ways. We believe that the process of learning Spanish in Medellín and Pereira relies on a strong relationship with your teacher. For this reason, before you begin your first class, whether it is in-person or online, we offer a personalized interview with our director, in which we will determine your spanish learning style and which of our teachers will suit you best. We also offer our new students a free trial class! If you don’t feel the curriculum or your instructor are the best fit for you, we will make any changes you need before you officially begin.


Mr. Fox Spanish School is an amazing option in order to Learn Spanish in Medellín, Pereira, and online, because is certified by the National Ministry of Education, is a flexible, friendly, and fun Spanish Learning option if you want individual, personalized classes set at your own pace and adapted to your skills and goals.

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