Pereira, the Most Diverse and Beautiful City in Colombia

Pereira, A green paradise

Located in the middle of the Central Mountain Range and neighboring the departments of Quindío, Caldas, Tolima, Chocó and Antioquia; La Perla del Otún, as Pereira is also known. It has a diverse population of flora and fauna, since it houses natural parks such as La Pastora, a place where you can take in the coffee landscape, the Andean forest and more. This coffee city is home to one of the entrances to the Los Nevados National Natural Park; It is also the mother of the Laguna del Otún, a nationally protected area for its natural resources and diversity; there are many species such as the spectacled bear and the jaguar, an emblematic feline of South America.

In the Capital of the Coffee Axis, you can visit the Jardín Botánico of the Universidad Tecnológica of Pereira. Famous for being the host of the Risaralda Bird Festival, an event that promotes the culture of coffee and bird watching, the latter being the largest attraction since you can see the birds of the Risaraldense coffee region. Birds like the barranquero, the harrier and more than ten species of hummingbirds are all present here and throughout the wild. Colombia has one of the largest and most diverse bird populations in the world which makes it an even more fun place to learn Spanish. Come experience the natural wonders of Colombia while simultaneously learning Spanish.


Pereira is called the city without doors because everyone is welcome. It is also called this since it is in the center of the country where all kinds of products pass through. You can find coffee from Tolima, Quindío and Caldas, and even from Guatemala, all grown in different coffee farms, located in Pereira. There are also several places where you can enjoy a delicious freshly prepared coffee made from a multitude of different techniques and places like the Babilonia 1982 coffee bar, one of the oldest in the city located in a house with traditional landscape architecture. Equally recognized are El Barista, El Gran Café, Veredal and Famosta, all of them located in central areas of the city.

In addition to having a diverse and rich natural landscape, Pereira has one of the largest zoos in Colombia. The Ukumarí Biopark hold around 350 animals. This zoo houses lions, meerkats, giraffes, and other animals that are not indigenous to the region and much less to the continent. Thousands of people visit this zoo every year.

There are also under-utilized attractions such as La Querendona which has several routes used for mountain biking with a multitude of routes. We also have shopping centers where you can buy regional, national and international brands, like the Parque Arboleda and Unicentro Shopping Center, in which there is also a huge variety in its food court.

Spanish classes at Mr. Fox will be focused around Colombian coffee culture and we think that’s one of the things that make us a unique place to learn Spanish. Learn and  live with an immersive experience in the coffee culture of Pereira, the heart of the Colombian coffee region.

About Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox Spanish School is a space created and developed by native Spanish language professors directly from the heart of the Colombian coffee region: the city of Pereira. All of our teachers are university graduates who are qualified and experienced in teaching the Spanish language and are ready to help you to achieve your language learning goals and learning objectives.

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